Second Chances

Thank you for coming back. I didn’t post the first blog correctly. Here’s to second chances.

I wanted to explain why I named the blog “You are going to be O.K.”

It’s because that was the message I heard from my grandmothers who came to me while I was in the CT scan at the hospital after being hit by a Hummer. Both my grandmothers are souls without bodies, my angels. They are most certainly still around me and gave me a simple message that day.

When I heard their message, while strapped to a gurney, in a neck brace and the CT scan was humming above my head. I had awoken from the accident with my first lucid understanding that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I should be walking in the street with my daughter. I had experienced flashes of reality like my roommate from college, Mary Ann standing at the back of the ambulance. My father yelling at me, “Eileen! Brynn is fine! Now stop screaming.” Then I was in a machine. What is happening? Is this a dream?

Why am I being passed through a machine? What is going on? Then came – my world is ending – tidal wave of fear that shot through me like a branding iron and awoke my senses. My brain was now starting to reboot and process reality again. I was alone in this room, no one to look to for answers. I don’t remember feeling any physical pain but I was scared shitless and began to cry, like soul crushing cry with deep sobs and a fountain of tears that welled in my eye sockets which eventually ran down to my ears on to the hospital sheets.

That was when they came to me. Shadows really, but I knew who they were immediately. Nanny (Mac) McAvoy was in-front and to the side of Nanny Gallagher. Nanny Gallagher, I knew came from a longer distance to be there. She not only died in 1987 but I somehow knew that she was coming from a different level than Nanny Mac. Perhaps she had learned more, done more, or achieved more in heaven during that time. This information was immediate. I instantly knew things.

“You are going to be O.K.” is what I heard.

I did not hear this through my ears as a form of sound, but came straight into my brain as information. I know they were on the right side, and the information seemed to come from that direction.

“O.K., O.K. I believe you.” was how I replied out load still sobbing and trying to catch my breath, my chest heaved. I instantly trusted their words. I had no doubt.

With that, a received a whole body chill that started at my feet and rose to the top of my head. It traveled through me like a current and I was filled with unbelievable joy. I was so happy at that moment, blissful. Nothing bothered me, I wasn’t scared any longer and I just saw my grandmothers and they told me I was going to be O.K.!

I remember being rolled back into the E.R. where my father was sitting and waiting in the room with my nurse. I grabbed my fathers hand and said, “Dad, I just saw your mother! She told me that I was going to be O.K.! I was so elated with this news and eager to share it but my father turned white and his face looked at me with disbelief and concern but I also sensed some deep acceptance of the information. The two EMT’s who had brought me to the hospital where there and wanted to see my how I was doing after being hit by a Hummer. They had thought for sure I had shattered my hip and or my back. They smiled at me from the left side of the bed. My father explained that they came back to check on me when they heard about the test results, because they didn’t believe that I hadn’t broken anything…not even a finger nail.

It had occurred to me a few months ago, six years after the accident, after a morning meditation, what if that message wasn’t just for me at that moment? What if that message from my grandmothers was meant for my whole life? I’m going to be O.K. throughout my whole life. That’s a joyful thought.

What if that message was meant to be shared with everyone? That’s a bigger, joyful thought.

YOU are going to be O.K. – Eileen

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