ALLZGOOD was the vanity licenses plate on the Hummer that struck me and knocked me out of my sneakers. I can laugh about the irony of that now. Just like I saw the irony in last nights debate.

I can certainly say my life changed the day my daughter and I were hit by a Hummer. In my recovery, I woke-up to the idea that things weren’t as good as they seemed. I was ignoring feelings and limiting myself in many areas of my life. That day became a springboard of growth. I started the journey back to my soul. I can look back on that day in 2012 and say, “Yes – all is good – There is beauty in breaking.”

I believe that we can take any negative situation and create a positive thought. I believe we can change from our current circumstances when we learn our lesson or grow from an experience. So this is what I’m saying today.




You set a perfect stage for me at this moment. You created a climate of divisiveness, anger, resentment and fear for which the majority of the country is hungry for peace, love and understanding.

If you weren’t such a loser, I would not have the perfect environment for the publication of my book about immigration, racism, education, war, white privilege and faith during the Vietnam War.

You brought all the ugliness that America has been sitting on like a white porch constructed over a steaming hot swamp. Instead of draining the swamp, you reached up and grabbed America by the throat and pulled her down into it. You turned up the heat which created a shit-load of stuff to churn to the surface. Our heads were so close to this smelly disgusting dark mess that our noses were almost touching…. then a lesson and the beauty appeared.

Surrender to the lesson:

The most beauty flowers grow in the swamp. Perfect purple lilies like the ones I saw growing in a courtyard in Vietnam, blossom from the murk. American compassion for one boy during the Vietnam war – Kin was the lily growing from the swamp. His parents had faith in God. They surrendered their son to the American ideal. Today, I do the same.

It’s always darkest before the dawn, take a breath, hold the line and listen.

Listen to what comes next. Listen with an ear towards God. Listen to love that resides inside. The answers you hear will be for the highest good.

Gratitude and surrender are two very powerful emotions. When they are coupled with imagination of love, there is no stopping the force behind the thoughts that expound like brillant diamonds expressing themselves from a dark cave after a volcanic eruption. What is your gratitude and lesson today? How can you create diamond thoughts?

Yes, ALLZGOOD…..You are going to be O.K.


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